How does LBRY benefit content creators? Can I earn money using LBRY?

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In our AMA title, we pitched LBRY as a” community- driven” YouTube volition that could” save the internet.” That is a lot of big talk, but what does it mean for the people who watch most about the changes passing on YouTube – the content generators?

still, you’re likely familiar with the recent difficulties over vids being”de-monetized” for containing content unfriendly to advertisers, If you’re earning plutocrat from your vids on YouTube right now. It’s no surprise that YouTube caters to advertisers because eventually, that is their main profit sluice.

LBRY isn’t an announcement- driven media service. In fact, it’s not indeed a traditional media service at all. LBRY is an open protocol that allows you to publish your content to the network at no cost to you and allows you to set a price per sluice or download if you wish. Because LBRY is a protocol and not a commercial store, there’s no blessing process for content to be listed and no authority that can”de-monetize” your vids. That is between you and your followership.

With LBRY, pricing is fully at the discretion of the creator, and 100 of that price goes to the creator. Compare this to iTunes’ fixed pricing categories and 30 commission of every trade.

Because LBRY uses digital currency( a la Bitcoin), generators can accept micropayments for every view without fussing about credit card processing freights. Or a plant could use LBRY to distribute a theatrical release to independent theaters and charge thousands of bones
per download. The only constraint on pricing is what your observers are willing to pay.

With YouTube monetization, generators earn a variable quantum grounded on observers’ engagement with advertisements. There’s no set formula, but we have set up a reasonable guesstimate of around$ 2 per thousand views. This works out to a penny per 5 views. So on LBRY, if you charge just one penny per view( a price any bystander would pay without a alternate study), you may get 5X the per- view earnings you’d get from YouTube incontinently!

likewise, you can partake content of any type – videotape, music, ebooks, images, podcasts – all on the same platform.

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